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With over 60 certified interpreters around the globe,
ready to take your call.


A Language Service Provider you can trust.
Open since 2013, with over 11 million minutes
interpreted to date.

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Language Interpretation

We interpret live calls for hospitals, clinics, insurance agencies, court hearings, immigration, government agencies and non profits.From Live Phone Interpretation, Conference Interpreting, Simultaneous Interpreting as well as Localization.

Customer Care

We have the ability to offer our services in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Mandarin, giving you the opportunity to reach a wide range of cultural prospects. Enabling you to take your product further around the globe, increasing your opportunities for business.

Quality Survey

Our survey specialist will evaluate your sales force for product knowledge, customer service and quality assurance. Allowing you an inside look into your company’s performance and production, focusing on improving the areas that need most help.


Our sales force will deliver results along with quality. Our agents will be focused on meeting you needs and expectations. We contract top sales agents with one objective in mind, sell your product assuring customer satisfaction in the process.


We are a bridge between customers and companies, overcoming the language barrier, ensuring great quality and service to your clients. This added service gives your entity an added value to your customers.

We help you show your interest in their satisfaction when doing business with your company, allowing for better communications with your LEP clientele.

This in turn opens your market to a wide public of potential customers, increasing your sales and growth of revenue.


We offer a range of solutions, all designed to help your company reach its potential.

Whether you’re looking for a small change or complete overhaul, we have you covered.

Langauge Services

Phone Interpretation
Conference Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation
Document Translations
ASL video conferencing


Website Localization
Web Marketing
Web Design

Identifying your path to growth.

We are a bridge between customers and companies, overcoming the language barrier. This represents a benefits for our clients as it impacts on their Communication and Customer Service, adding value to their brands. We strive to provide immediate support, provided by our experts from more than 7 countries around the globe.

Every minute counts.

We integrate different parts of the company to come together and work as one with all their individuals tasks on their own. There is someone skilled for any task needed. Growth is one of our main goals, so we also give the associates the opportunity to get certified for the job, after a training that ensures you are ready for the position

Eligible-to-work Company.

Complying with legal requirements, such as privacy laws and Confidentiality Agreements, allows us to keep Customers’ information safe.

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